TestNav 2021 - Student Requirements (Chromebook)

ChromeOS Version Requirements

TestNav on a Chromebook requires ChromeOS version 83 or higher.

Google. Sign in to your Chromebook. Managed by pcsstn.com. Learn more. Enter your email. Forgot email? Next. < Back. Shut down. Apps. U.S. 2:16
First, at your chromebook's log in screen, check the version  by pressing alt and V and the same time. It will display the version in the upper right-hand corner. If you are already logged in, this doesn't do anything, log out and then press ALT and V to see the version in the upper right corner.
Google Chrome 72.0.3626.122 (Platform 11316.165.0-19.03.04) SN: [deliberately obscured]

Hey! That chromebook says Google Chrome 72 (72 dot anything is still 72), which isn't 83, so this chromebook can't run the currentTestNav as is. But if you can coax it to update to version 83 or higher, you're in business.

Updating Your Chromebook

Note: if your chromebook is on version 83 or newer, you can ignore this section in purple.
Note 2: some chromebooks will be too old to update and can't go to version 83. Don't use them for testing.

Sign in to your Chromebook.

First, look at the bottom right, and click the area by the time.  A menu should popup and give you access to the settings gear.

Second, click the settings gear.
An Arrow points to the first step and the second step. At the fist step, the area says "US, a WiFi symbol, a battery symbol and 10:27". At the second step, is a gear icon. Other words on the page that lack importance: Sign out, a power button, a lock button, PCS Air medium, Bluetooth off, Notifications on all apps, Night light off, keyboard US. Tue, Nov 24. Battery full. Managed. There's also a Sign out button.

Next, Look at the bottom left to see if "About Chrome OS" is there. If it is, skip this step. Otherwise, look for the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) with the word Settings at the top of the page.
Click Settings.
The Hamburger menu and Settings are top left. Other irrelevant things on the screen: Search settings. Your Chromebook is managed by your organization. The Network is Wi-Fi called PCS Air. You could Add connection. Bluetooth indicates it is off. Connected devices allows you to Connect your Chromebook with your phone (Android phone). There's a link to Learn more. A section header called People is at the bottom.
Now go to the bottom right and click "About Chrome OS"
About Chrome OS is in the bottom right. Other irrelevant things on screen: Settings, Network, Your Chromebook is managed by your organization, Bluetooth, Connected devices, People, Autofill, Appearance, Device, Search engine, On startup, Advanced, and Extensions. On the page behind this menu you can still see the word on, Chromebook with your phone. Learn more, chrome://settings/help and ad.
Click the Check for updates button.
Top Right shows Check for updates. The rest of these words are included for accessibility compliance: Settings, Search settings, About Chrome OS, Google Chrome OS, Version 75.0.3770.144 (Official Build) (32-bit), Get help with Chrome OS, Report an issue, Detailed build information, Your Chromebook is managed by pcsstn.com, Google Chrome os, Copyright 2020 Google LLC. All rights reserved, Google Chrome is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software. Chrome OS is made possible by additional open source software.

It will either say your chromebook is up to date, or it will slowly but surely download an update (sitting at 100% for a while) and then ask you to relaunch/restart so it can update. When the update button is ready, press it to restart.

Once it restarts, you can check your version of ChromeOS. At your chromebook's log in screen, check the version  by pressing alt and V and the same time. It will display the version in the upper right-hand corner.
Hopefully, you'll see something like this:

Google Chrome 85.0.4183.133 (Platform 13310.93.0-20.09.25) SN: [serial no. is blurred out] Asset ID: [asset ID is blurred out]

If it can't update past where it is (for example, one of the silver Samsung's model XE303C12 could only go to version 75 when a Chromebook Recovery USB thumbdrive was used), your Chromebook might tell you it's up to date even if it doesn't update to version 83; if so, do not use that chromebook.  Some ChromeOS devices in our system have reached or exceeded the date called Auto Update Expiration (“AUE”) which means the Chromebook's hardware is too old to update; that chromebook is stuck where it's at. You can learn more here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en

If you place a work order for a device that has reached or exceeded it's AUE, and you need it for testing, all we can do is get you a quote for a new Chromebook.

Where's the TestNav App?

First, if you are logged in, log out.  Look at the bottom left of the screen for a place called "Apps".
TestNav is at the top of the app list. Other irrelevant things on screen: DRC INSIGHT Online Assessments, NWEA Secure Testing Universal Kiosk, and a shut down button.
TestNav is in Apps.

Make Sure it Works

Launch TestNav by clicking on it in the Apps menu, click  on Tennessee on the Where do you want to go?  screen.
Test Nav's Where do you want to go? screen. The only one you care about it Tennessee, but you also have choices of The ACT, Arizona, Minnesota, ACT Aspire, Colorado, New Jersey, aimsweb PLUS (two versions one U.S. and one Canadian), Delaware,  Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, BIE, Illinois, Tennessee, dodea (DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE EDUCATION ACTIVITY), Iowa, Texas, GRADE GMADE, Kentucky, Utah, NNAT3, Maryland, and Virginia

Here's the part you won't like: if you're on an older version of ChromeOS (older than Version 83), you will have a TestNav app. But when you click on Tennessee to try and launch the thing, you'll see an error screen that says something like this:

ERROR 3108: Operating system version not supported.

If you see that, then your operating sytem version is not supported; use the steps in purple (above; the section titled Updating Your Chromebook) to help you update your device. If your device cannot be updated, then it cannot be used for testing.

Then, assuming you've gotten this far without an error, click on the icon in the upper right corner icon (looks llike the head and shoulders of a human). One of the options in the dropdown menu is App Check.
PEARSON's Test Nav screen for Tennessee. In the upper right corner is an icon shaped like human head and shoulders. It is clicked and has a dropdown menu with these items: App Check, Sign in to TestNav, and Choose a different customer. Centered on the screen is a field to enter Username, and below it is a field to enter Password. Below that is a blue button that says, "Sign In". Below that is a bullhorn icon with the text "Test Audio". Below that is a pencil icon with the text "Practice Tests".

Click on App Check. Another box appears, and two blue buttons, on says "Run App Check" the other "Run Network Check".  (Note: you don't have to run the "Run Network Check" utility, unless you want to. The network check tests if  your school's network can support x amount of machines; You tell it a number such as 100, or 743, or whatever. It will indicate if it passes or if it detects the possibility of difficulties or failure).
App Check screen. Top left has a Back to Sign in button. Enter a configuration identifier or click "Run App Check” to run the default app check. Configuration Identifier (optional): Configuration Identifier. Then there's a blue button labled Run App Check and another that is labled Run Network Check
Click the Run App Check button. Note: your screen may flash and TestNav may resize itself.

When it's finished, it will say, "App Check is complete."

As of this writing,  a successful check has two green boxes, one that has a checkmark and the words "Kiosk Mode Passed" as well as one with a checkmark and the words "Connectivity to TestNav Passed".

If your results do not indicate success, and your chrome device is on ChromeOS 83  or later, a technology work order needs to be submitted. Please indicate the machine failed the App Check for TestNav. We need the barcode of the computer so that in case  you are out for any reason we can identify and work on the computer prior to the field test.

When you are finished, you may click the Back to Sign In button if you need to continue using TestNav or you may exit the program if desired.
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