TestNav 2021 - Student Requirements (Mac)

Version Requirement

TestNav on a Mac requires 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave), or 10.15 (Catalina).

Please note that older Macs may not be able to be updated to 10.13 or higher and thus you may have to rely on Chromebooks for the TestNav verification.

Requirement One: Home Folder Reading & Writing

One of the requirements for TestNav's Verification Test for 2021 is that the student must have read & write access to their own home folder. Here's how you know on a Macintosh Computer.

  1. Then, click on the desktop wallpaper, so that word next to the Apple Icon in the menu bar says Finder.

The menu bar with an Apple Icon and the word Finder to the right of the Apple Icon

  1. Next, in the menu bar, click on the Go menu and choose (click on) Home.
On the menu bar, you see these menu items: Go, Window, and Help. Under the Go menu, these options are listed: Back, Forward, Select Startup Disk on Desktop, Recents, Documents, Desktop, Downloads, and Home.
  1. Next, as the window appears, it opens the student folder. Shown below is what a student folder might look like, but yours might be slightly different. Do not panic if some items are different than shown below.
The Student folder. Words on this page that have no bearing on this include Search, Favorites, AirDrop, Recents, LOG, ACTIVstudioError, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, log, A, Applications, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, student, Music, Pictures, Public, Locations, Network, Tags, Red, Orange, Yellow. THe word Green is half displayed.
  1. Now check to see if the student can write to the folder. The student needs to right click (hold the control key down as you click on the mouse or trackpad) with the student folder as shown below. A menu, called a context menu, should appear and New Folder should be an option to click (not right click) on.
The student folder. Show a right click menu with the top option being new folder. Other words on this image that have no bearing on the photo include Search and Favorites. Folder contents such as ACTIVstudioError.LoG, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Public. Sidebar menu items, such as favorites of  AirDrop, Recents, Applications, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and student. Locations which has Network. Tags of Red, Orange, Yellow and part of the word Green. The right menu also includes these options below New Folder: Get Info, Import from iPhone or iPad, View, Use Groups, Sort By, Clean Up, Clean Up By, Show View Options.
Don't worry about the name of the folder, (the default is Untitled Folder). As long as a new folder appears, the student has permission to write to their home folder.

You can click the red dot in the upper left of the student folder to dismiss it.

If You Cannot Create A New Folder

A technology work order needs to be submitted. We need the barcode of the computer so that in case  you are out for any reason we can identify and work on the computer prior to the field test.

Requirement Two: No Siri

This is so the student cannot get Siri to fetch answers and cheat.

Click on the Apple Icon and then click on System Preferences.  Look for Siri.
Double click on Siri and then make sure the box next to Enable Ask Siri is unchecked, like so:
Siri: Enable Ask Siri
You can click the red dot in the upper left to exit once Siri is turned off.

Requirement Three: No Keyboard Dictation

If you're still in System Preferences, you're good for the next step. Otherwise Click on the Apple Icon and then click on System Preferences

Look for Keyboard

Next, Under Keyboard, and Dictation, make sure Dictation is off.
Keyboard dictation Keyboard Text Shortcuts Input Sources Dictation Use Dictation wherever you can type text. To start dictating, use the shortcut or select Start Dictation from the Edit menu. Dictation: On Off MacBook Pro Microphone v ✓ Use Enhanced Dictation Allows offline use and continuous dictation with live feedback. Language: English (United States) Shortcut: Off About Dictation & Privacy... Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard... ?

You can click the red dot in the upper left to exit once keyboard dictation is turned off.

Requirement Four: Checking TestNav

Launch TestNav by clicking on it in the Apps menu.

Houston, We Have A Problem

There is a possibility (10.14 (Mojave), or 10.15 (Catalina)) that you'll see this error screen.
TN Test Nav. TestNav has not been granted accessibility permissions necessary to launch a secure test. Contact your test monitor to start the test. Error: 5049
If you don't see this screen, ignore this section in purple.

If you do see this, here's the fix:

Go up to (and click on) the Apple Icon in the top, left corner, then click on System Preferences. Locate and then click on Security & Privacy. The icon resembles a house.
System Preferences.  It has a search feature in the upper right. Row one left to right options: General, Desktop & Screen Saver, Dock, Mission Control, Language & Region, Security & Privacy, Spotlight, and Notifications. Row two left to right options: Displays, Energy Saver, Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, Printers & Scanners, Sound, and Startup Disk. Row three left to right options: iCloud, Internet Accounts, Software Update, Network, Bluetooth, Extensions, and Sharing. Row four left to right options: Users & Groups, Parental Controls, Siri, Date & Time, Time Machine, Accessibility, and  Profiles. Row five's only option: Flash Player.
You have opened up the Security & Privacy Preferences. Click the padlock in the lower left. It will prompt you to enter the username and password of an account (the one you use to install software). When the padlock is unlocked, click on Privacy at the top (as shown highlighted in blue) and then Accessibility in the left side panel. You should see that TestNav is unchecked:

Security & Privacy Window. It has a search feature in the upper right. There are four tabs, labeled from left to right: General,  FileVault, Firewall and Privacy. There is a vertical menu on the left, and option panel on the right.  The vertical menu has these options: Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Camera, Microphone, Accessibility, Full Disk Access, and Automation. Accessibility is clicked on. The option panel says "Allow the apps below to control your computer." Questar Student-TNCAB has a box to the left of it that is checked. PEARSON TestNav TestNav has a box to the left of it that is unchecked. Below this area is a + and - sign. At the bottom left, the padlock is unlocked and beside it, it says "Click the lock to prevent further changes.". On the bottom right, there is a button labelled "Advanced..." and to its right another button labelled "?".
Click the unchecked box next to TestNav. With a checkmark in the box next to TestNav, you should have fixed this issue. Click the red dot in the upper left to dismiss System Preferences, and launch TestNav again.

On some Macs, you will see the Where do you want to go?  screen, and if so click  on Tennessee. If you don't get this screen, don't panic, just move on to the next step.
Test Nav's Where do you want to go? screen. The only one you care about it Tennessee, but you also have choices of The ACT, Arizona, Minnesota, ACT Aspire, Colorado, New Jersey, aimsweb PLUS (two versions one U.S. and one Canadian), Delaware,  Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, BIE, Illinois, Tennessee, dodea (DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE EDUCATION ACTIVITY), Iowa, Texas, GRADE GMADE, Kentucky, Utah, NNAT3, Maryland, and Virginia


Houston, We Have A Different Problem

So, there was a TestNav icon on your Mac, but MacOS wasn't the proper version and you launched it anyway. And now, you're seeing something like this:
TN Test Nav Test Nav Error 3106: Operating system version not supported. TestNav is not supported on this operating system version. Please refer to the TestNav System Requirements. Your browser was detected as: 5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_6) AppleWebkit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.130 Safari/537.36 TestNavDesktopApp/1.9.7 (Installer). TestNav. All rights reserved.
TestNav is picky and won't run unless you're on a supported Operating System. If your Mac is too vintage, it may not be able to update.

Technology can check the machine to see if an update is possible. A technology work order needs to be submitted. We need the barcode of the computer so that in case  you are out for any reason we can identify and work on the computer prior to the field test.

Click on the icon in the upper right corner icon (looks llike the head and shoulders of a human). One of the options in the dropdown menu is App Check.
PEARSON's Test Nav screen for Tennessee. In the upper right corner is an icon shaped like human head and shoulders. It is clicked and has a dropdown menu with these items: App Check, Sign in to TestNav, and Choose a different customer. Centered on the screen is a field to enter Username, and below it is a field to enter Password. Below that is a blue button that says, "Sign In". Below that is a bullhorn icon with the text "Test Audio". Below that is a pencil icon with the text "Practice Tests".

Click on App Check. Another box appears, and two blue buttons, on says "Run App Check" the other "Run Network Check".  (Note: you don't have to run the "Run Network Check" utility, unless you want to. The network check tests if  your school's network can support x amount of machines; You tell it a number such as 100, or 743, or whatever. It will indicate if it passes or if it detects the possibility of difficulties or failure).

App Check screen. Top left has a Back to Sign in button. Enter a configuration identifier or click "Run App Check” to run the default app check. Configuration Identifier (optional): Configuration Identifier. Then there's a blue button labled Run App Check and another that is labled Run Network Check
Click the Run App Check button. Note: your screen may flash and TestNav may resize itself.

When it's finished, it will say, "App Check is complete."

As of this writing,  a successful check has two green boxes, one that has a checkmark and the words "Kiosk Mode Passed" as well as one with a checkmark and the words "Connectivity to TestNav Passed".

If your results do not indicate success, a technology work order needs to be submitted. Please indicate the machine failed the App Check for TestNav. We need the barcode of the computer so that in case  you are out for any reason we can identify and work on the computer prior to the field test.

When you are finished, you may click the Back to Sign In button if you need to continue using TestNav or you may exit the program if desired.

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