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November 29, 2023

Oh, Coding Christmas Tree, Oh Coding Christmas Tree, how lovely are your light-emitting diodes.

Hello Prescott families, this is Dale Bryant, your school counselor. I hope you’ll have a chance to enjoy the Coding Christmas Tree in front of the school. Light shows are happening from 5-10pm every night, with music available at 88.5 on your FM dial. It’s so cool!

And now, just a couple reminders about this coming Friday.

All PTO holiday craft money is due this Friday. If you don’t know about this, it's kind of a big deal. The PTO will take over the gymnasium for the whole day. They will put a huge tarp on the floor so your little ones can have fun making holiday surprises for you with all the paint, glitter, stickers, glitter, googly eyes, and glitter that they can fit on a special semi handmade trinket, doodad, or bobble that you can keep forever! Yay! Glitter!

And, it’s finally here, CSI night is this Friday from 5-7pm! I’m so excited to see everyone's reaction when you see how PSES has been transformed into a coding themed Super Mario World. The school has been transforming day by day, and the kids have been powering up in the halls. Drop in anytime this Friday from 5-7pm for a totally free night out with the kids. We will have stations set up throughout the halls for the kids to explore, experiment, build, and have fun. And it is totally free! Nothing to buy at all, so make sure to eat beforehand so you are powered up and ready to enjoy CSI night!

That’s it, everyone have a great night. And come see the tree!

November 9, 2023

Hello Prescott families, this is Dale Bryant, your school counselor with some notes for this week.

Tomorrow, which is Thursday, we would like everyone to wear this year's field trip shirt, which is all about coding and computational thinking. We will have members of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network in the building to help us with our quest to be redesignated as one of the few elementary STEM schools in the state. Yeah, it’s a big deal. If your field trip shirt is in the laundry, please try to wear another Prescott shirt or something STEMy

And Friday, our 3rd grade students will be observing Veterans day with a program in the gymnasium at 9:00am.  3rd grade families and all veterans are invited to attend, and we encourage all grade levels to wear red, white, and blue to honor our friends, family, and neighbors who are veterans.

That’s it, everyone have a great night.

September 1, 2023

Hello Prescott families, this is Dale Bryant, your school counselor with some PTO info.

Our big PTO fundraiser, $10 from 10 starts today, Sept. 1st and runs through September 22nd. This is universally considered the easiest and best way to raise funds for the school. All you do is ask 10 people for $10 to help the school. That’s it! No candy to sell that melts in your pocket and gets all over the car seat. No Christmas wrapping paper to sell two full months before Halloween! No trinkets, doodads, or bobbles. Nothing that smells, breaks, or stains. Nothing to lug, tug, or carry. Just approaching 10 people who love you and asking them to support the school where you are going to learn stuff that will help you get a job someday so you can support them when they are old and decrepit. All right, you may not want to word it exactly like that, but you know what I mean. Now make sure your parents know who you are asking, they will tell you if it’s all right or not. But if you have any rich relatives you haven’t seen in awhile, this may be a good time to get reacquainted.

That’s it. Everyone have a great night.

August 4, 2023

Hello Prescott families, this is Mr. Dale, your school counselor, with a couple notes.


We appreciate Prescott South families for an amazing first week of school. The students have been excited, kind, and respectful. 

In addition, we need to communicate in writing and through an all-call that we will be conducting annual beginning-of-the-year safety drills. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to discuss the importance of following teacher directions for safety. 


For next week, Kindergarten parents plan to take part in the Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast at 7:45 on Tuesday, August 8th. I predict a nice mix of Boohoos and Yahoos. Shirt Orders and Pup Pride Partner forms went home this week. Make sure and get those forms back into the PTO in a timely fashion. And please come out to the Open PTO meeting on Wednesday August 9th at 8:30am. Get to know our wonderful PTO and make some new friends!


It’s never too early to talk about ice cream! We will also be hosting a Spirit Night the next week at Baskin Robbins from 4pm-9pm on Tuesday August 15th. I counted 40 different flavors of ice cream on their menu. I wonder if you can figure out my favorite!


That’s it. Have a great night!