• Jere Whitson Elementary Mission Statement
    Our purpose at Jere Whitson Elementary is to encourage and sustain a caring environment where our students achieve academic and social-emotional growth.

    The staff at Jere Whitson Elementary School is dedicated to providing a high quality education, sensitive to the needs of every student. It is our goal to exemplify many applications of our school motto: “Let's prove we care!” We intend to do more than claim that we care; we want to prove that we care about our students and families in order to provide them with supports and circumstances which contribute to success.

    We care about…

    Safety. It is critical to a child's learning that he or she feels safe at school.

    Wellness. Health and physical fitness significantly impact children's development.

    Attendance. Students need consistency in their routines and progression of learning.

    Academics. Developing academic skills and critical thinking drives lifelong learning.

    Character. Students should make informed choices and respect one another.

    Equity. ALL students should be supported based on their respective individual needs.

    Opportunity. Students benefit from multiple diverse experiences.

    As a faculty we are committed to the operating principles of being student-focused, ensuring accountability, and holding high expectations.