• The following is a list of expectations for White Plains Academy. We expect your student to comply with all the expectations. Any behavior or attitude that is less than full compliance is unacceptable and subject to consequences. These expectations are not open to debate. Your student has violated the rules of the Putnam County School System or another school system or agency and has been placed here by a disciplinary hearing, an IEP team, the Department of Children Services, or some other agency. This is the last opportunity for your student within the Putnam County School System.

    White Plains Academy is a different type of school because of the nature of our student population. Our rules and expectations are stricter than the rules of the other schools within our district. A student is sent here for a minimum amount of time, which can be extended based on non-compliance with the rules. Your student will be graded on his or her behavior (compliance with our expectations), grades and ability to get along with his or her peers and the staff at White Plains. Again, we expect your student to comply with all the expectations of White Plains Academy.

    School Rules:


    Anti-Bullying Policy.
    Rule #1 - We Will Not Bully Others.
    Rule #2 - We Will Try To Help Students Who Are Bullied.
    Rule #3 - We Will Try To Help Students Who Are Left Out.
    Rule #4 - If We Know That Somebody Is Being Bullied, We Will Tell An Adult At Home And At School.

    Classroom Expectations:
    Keep all folders, pencils, and paper in your classroom.
    Students are to stay in class.
    Remain in your assigned seat.
    Please use the bathroom during class changes. If you have an emergency during class, an adult will escort you to and from the restroom.
    You may use spiral notebooks only in class. You must have one for every class.
    No three ring binders, carrying cases, magazines, lunch boxes, etc.

    All meals will be eaten in the lunchroom.
    Breakfast is to be eaten in the lunchroom or homeroom.
    All lunches are to be brought in a plastic bag. (Wal Mart, Kroger, etc.)
    All lunches are to be ready to eat. Students will not have access to a microwave or sink.

    Shirts are to be tucked in and navy blue in color.
    Tee shirts are to be navy blue with a round collar.
    Tee shirts may be either short sleeve or long sleeve.
    Solid navy blue hoodies may be worn.
    Jackets and coats are to be hung up.
    Students will be asked to remove hoodies upon entering the school for inspection and throughout the day if deemed necessary.
    Pants are to be worn at the waist. No sagging!

    Personal grooming:
    Hair is to be neat and clean.
    Hair is to be short for boys (ears visible).
    No make-up brought to school.

    Students are not to wear jewelry of any kind (earrings, spacers, nose rings, tongue rings, necklaces, etc.)
    Belts are to be black or brown and plain. Buckles are to be small.
    Students are not to have backpacks, purses, carrying cases, 3 ring notebooks, etc.
    Tattoos are to be covered at all times.

    Electronics and other devices:
    Electronic devices of any kind are prohibited. No cell phones, iPods, game boys, headsets, etc. are allowed on school property.
    Electronic devices will be confiscated and returned to parents the first time. They will be held to the end of the week the second time. The third time they will be held until the end of the semester.

    Bus duty:
    Students are subject to search from the time they arrive on school property until they leave school property.
    Once at school, students are to report to homeroom. You will be escorted to breakfast by your teacher.
    Students will be searched and wanded at the door.

    Failure to follow the rules may result in the following or a combination of the following:
    Loss of break
    Loss of P.E.
    Writing assignments
    Push-ups, sit-ups, running, etc.
    Loss of driving priveleges
    Calling probation officer
    Calling the police
    Other as needed

    Notes of Importance:
    No jewelry of any kind is to be worn.
    Jewelry will be confiscated and kept.
    Cell phones will be confiscated and returned to parents the first time, kept a week the second time and kept the remainder of the semester the third time.
    Probation wristbands, ankle bracelets, or any court appointed monitoring devices will be acceptable.
    Guns, knives, drugs, drug paraphernalia, gang paraphernalia, tobacco of any kind or any thing that causes a distraction from proper behavior or the learning process are not allowed.
    The administration, faculty and staff reserve the right to amend the above rules and consequences as occurrences and occasions arise.

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