• 2023-2024

    Burks Elementary School

    5th Grade Supply List

    • 1.5" 3-Ring Binder

      sturdy or 2-inch ring binder (PLEASE no binders with shoulder straps, handles, or zippers. This type will not fit in the wire basket under student desks; no 3-inch binders.)


    • 5 Tab Page Dividers

      for binder


    • Package(s) of Loose Leaf/Filler Paper, Wide Ruled

      (only one package in binder at a time.)


    • Earbuds

      or headphones to leave at school for personal use.


    • Zipper Pencil Pouch



    • Box(es) of #2 Pencils

      (mechanical pencils are ok if not misused; Please no pencils with paper or plastic coatings. These ruin pencil sharpeners.), (need to be replenished throughout the year)


    • Erasers

      (need to be replenished throughout the year)


    • Colored Pencils, 12 Count



    • Pencil Sharpener, Hand Held



    • Glue Sticks



    • Scissors



    • EXPO® Dry Erase Markers

      For Math, (need to be replenished throughout the year)


    • Composition Notebook Wide Ruled

      For Math, 100-Sheets