• bstrong

    The goal of B-Strong is to teach Leadership as well as to make our school and community a more positive and safe place. We work together with the Putnam County Health Department, Cookeville City PD, Putnam County EMS, and Power of Putnam we focus on issues that students and teens face here at school. 


    Our Initiatives include:


    Seatbelt Safety

    Overall Health and Wellbeing

    Promoting Positivity

    Inclusiveness ( meaning everyone who is a student in this school can be a member) 

    Awareness of the negative effects on teen usage of drugs, alcohol,  tobacco, and tobacco-like products (JUULs/ Vapes).


    B-Strong works on projects and promotions that help support our initiatives during LEAPS, which requires that the first 30 minutes be academic time such as homework help, iReady Pathway, etc.


    B-Strong students attend TTI in the summer.  This is a week-long leadership camp on the UT Martin Campus.  We are funded through grants so the camp is free to club members.


    Stefanie Janko-Sponsor