• UHS Mission Statement

    The mission of Upperman High School is to empower all students in a safe, challenging environment with skills of learning to achieve excellence in academics and become responsible members of society.
    We believe...

    • Student learning is enhanced when multiple teaching strategies can be related to some real aspect in their own lives.
    • Every child should have equal opportunities for a quality education.
    • All students can learn when they share the responsibility for their learning and have adequate support and resources.
    • An effective instructional program empowers its students with the ability to think critically and make informed decisions using available resources.
    • Our teachers have the responsibility to teach and our students have a responsibility to learn.
    • A quality education is necessary for a rewarding and fulfilling life.
    • Students should develop an appreciation as well as a tolerance for races, cultures, and perspectives that are different from their own.
    • A school must have the necessary means to meet the needs of every student regardless of their learning abilities.
    • Education is a process whereby each student is provided a program of instruction that will provide knowledge and skills that will enable he/she to function in our society as an individual and as a productive citizen in a global society.
    • An education is possible for everyone especially when a partnership is formed between the school staff, parents, and the community.

    PCS Mission Statement

    • Raise Academic Standards and Student Achievement
    • Attract and Retain the Best Faculty and Staff
    • Maximize Utilization of Buildings, Grounds and Assets
    • Increase Community Involvement
    • Create Equality of Programs and Service Among Schools
    • Provide a Comprehensive Approach to Health and Well Being

    Education is the number one priority for our children. Our mission is to produce individuals who serve and participate in society.