• Avery Trace Middle School

    Mission Statement
    To provide each student a diverse, global education in a safe,
    supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in education.

    We Believe...
    Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed.
    Students must make responsible academic and social decision.
    Parents, students, educators, school board members and the entire community
    are responsible for implementing and achieving the school's goals.
    Students need to be challenged to face the future.
    A safe and secure environment promotes student learning.
    Each student is a valued individual.
    Problem solving skills and critical thinking skills are essential for student success, academically and in life.
    Each student learns best when he/she is actively engaged in the learning process and applies learning in a meaningful way.
    Support must be provided for social and emotional growth.
    Parent participation enhances high expectations, student motivation, and achievement.
    Data-driven decision-making is essential to improve student achievement.

    Avery Trace Middle School houses fifth through eighth grades. The academic wing of Avery Trace Middle School was opened in the fall of 1996. It includes forty-two classrooms, a science lab, eight teacher workrooms, and an office complex. The academic wing adjoins the renovated former Cookeville High School which incorporates the cafeteria,the library, three thirty-student computer labs, the auditorium, the gymnasium, the counseling center, another office complex, and an encore building. The school overlooks the soccer field, the baseball facilities, football practice fields, and the football field house. The Cookeville Community Center is adjacent to the school providing access to the tennis courts for the physical education program.