• Cane Creek Elementary School is named after a creek that runs near the property. The area in which the school is located uses the name for many places. Cookeville has a 150-acre park to which we have accessibility to through walking trails. Cane Creek Sports Complex contains softball fields within walking distance. Also, Cane Creek Road is in the vicinity. All these places are named after the creek that runs along this property and empties into the lake at Cane Creek Park.

    A farmer owned the property prior to April, 1994. He then sold the property to the Putnam County Board of Education for the construction of a new elementary school. During the building stage, it was called Southwest Elementary. Upon completion of the building, however, it was named Cane Creek Elementary. The school opened in August, 1995 to alleviate overcrowding in other elementary schools. It was the first elementary school that had been built in Putnam County in over twenty years.


    Cane Creek Elementary is a feeder school to Upperman Middle School 5-8.

    Cane Creek welcomed its current principal, Mrs. Rhonda Mahan, in the summer of 2020 and  Assistant Principal, Ms. Angela Webb, in 2021. Currently, there are about 500 students enrolled in the school, with 33 teachers and 32 support personnel.

    Cane Creek Elementary, along with other schools in Putnam County, has been awarded the Governor's A+ Award for Excellence. In the spring of 2002, Cane Creek Elementary was accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. To achieve accreditation the staff must complete a self-improvement plan annually.

    Since we are strategically located in the city of Cookeville, we are fortunate to play a part in training our education majors who attend Tennessee Technological University. By coming into our classrooms, these future educators from all over the United States are given the opportunity to observe teaching strategies on a first-hand basis.

    Visitors who enter the building are asked to check in at the office. Each visitor receives a visitor's badge. At the end of their visit, visitors sign out in the office and return their visitor's badge. We look forward to seeing you at Cane Creek! Thank you for your support!