• The PTO at Prescott South Elementary School is dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of children, parents and educators. We do this by providing resources, communication and encouraging involvement in the school and community.Why Join Pups PTO? Connect with other parents. Stay Informed. Support Teachers. Volunteer. Make your voice heard. Be a super parent! Make PSES better!

    If you are interested in joining a PTO committee, please contact the PTO at PTOpsespups@gmail.com. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Volunteer Opportunities

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    Thank you for all your support of Prescott South Elementary.

    Here are your PTO officers for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Please contact the school at 526-2275 for contact information if you have any questions.


    PTO Executive Board

    President: Brandy Porter

    Vice-President: Betsy Cotton

    Treasurer: Leah Cook

    Secretary: Jason Gentry

    Hospitality Chair: Amber Whitson

    Hospitality Co-Chair: Lindsey Sywak

    Pup Pride Chair: Tammy Madell

    Pup Pride Co-Chair: Danielle Scoppa

    Communications: Deanna Hammond


    PTO Grade Representatives

    Kindergarten - Joanna Hoffman & Mary Ann Wodzinski

    1st - Natalie Beach & Katie Little

    2nd - Samantha Messmore

    3rd - Dawn Berry & Stacey Copeland

    4th - Sarah Short & Ashley Schmitt-Matzen