(Pursuant to Putnam County Board of Education Policy 6.310)

    Student dress shall be expected to meet community standards of cleanliness, healthfulness and safety and shall not disrupt the educational process.

    No person shall wear clothing that contains pictures and/or writing referring to sexual references; profanity; illegal drugs or the promotion of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products; death and destruction; racist or hate themes; violent or aggressive themes; or other suggestive or offensive sayings or graphics in the school building during the school day or on a school bus. 

    Any clothing that denotes gang involvement or affiliation shall be prohibited.

    No student shall be permitted to wear any headgear (cap, hat, hoodie, bandana, etc.) other than for religious or documented medical reasons during the school day or on a school bus. 

    Community standards dictate that clothing shall not be obscene or suggestive.  No clothing revealing a bare midriff or bare lower back (including, but not limited to, halter tops, tank tops, cropped tops, muscle shirts, etc.) shall be allowed.  No bare midriff or bare lower back should be visible while standing, sitting, raising one’s hand in class, or walking in the hallways.  

    All tops (shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.) must be sized appropriately.  All shirts, blouses, and sweaters must be at least 3 inches wide at the shoulder, including “cold shoulder” tops. Necklines must be no more than 3 inches below the base of the beck. 

    Undergarments should not be visible.  Pants, shorts, and skirts must be appropriately sized and worn at the waistline.  Sagging waistlines or bottoms will not be tolerated.  

    No short skirts or shorts shall be allowed.  All types of shorts (including running shorts) and skirts must be of appropriate length (no shorter than fingertip length). Holes in jeans or pants should not be above mid-thigh.  

    Sleepwear or pajamas shall not be worn.  Blankets should not be brought to school.  

    Sunglasses shall not be worn in the school building during the school day. 

    Soled shoes must be worn.  No shower shoes or house shoes shall be allowed.  

    ID badges must be worn by students at all times in the school building during the school day either around their neck or attached to their backpack.  

    • 1st Offense: The student may return to classes when dress code compliant. In the event that a student and/or the parent/ guardian is unable to provide clothing that meets the dress code policy, the student will be placed in In School Suspension, NOT AS A PUNISHMENT, but as a location where he/she can be adequately supervised and be provided an opportunity to complete his/her school work. 
    • 2nd Offense: Student may return to class when dress code compliant but must serve two (2) days of lunch detention. 
    • 3rd Offense: Student must serve three (3) days of lunch detention and parent contact made. 
    • 4th Offense: Student must serve four (4) days of lunch detention and parent contact made. 
    • 5th Offense: In school suspension and required parent meeting. 
    • 6th and Subsequent Offenses: Suspension which will increase with violations. 

    *Additions to the Dress Code may be found in the CHS Parent / Guardian & Student Handbook

    Dress Code (Printable)