• David Talbert, Band Director

    Proud Sponsors of CHS Cavalier Marching Band :
      Billings Crane
      Marco’s Pizza

    CHS Band Boosters:
    A parent volunteer organization supports CHS band by providing help and fundraising activities during band camp, football games, concessions, competitions and other band functions/events.  

    For more information or to volunteer, please contact band boosters at chscavboosters@gmail.com

    After-School Rehearsals:
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-5:30pm
    Fall Band Fee $175.00

    • students must have a medical physical for participation in marching band
    • Spring Band Fee $60.00
    • Enrollment in the Fall Semester includes rehearsal and performances for marching band, concert band and pep band.  Attendance is required at all extra functions, including “band camp” (Late July-Early Aug), after school rehearsals, and performances.  
    • Enrollment in the spring semester includes rehearsals and performances for concert band and pep band.  Attendance is required at all extra functions including after-school rehearsals and performances.


    Bus Rules:

    • Everyone must stay in a seat and face forward. 
    • No yelling or loud talking.
    • Radios and CD players must have headphones.
    • Food and drink are usually allowed as long as trash is picked up.
    • No glass bottles are allowed. No switching buses.
    • Couples must sit in the first five seats of the bus.
    • No flashlights or flash photography at night.
    • No dressing or undressing on the bus. Changing facilities or restrooms are usually available when needed. 
    • Bus drivers, chaperones, staff, and student leaders are to be minded absolutely.

    Uniform Etiquette:

    • Uniforms are to be worn properly or not at all. 
    • Jewelry and watches are not to be visible while in uniform. Studs in pierced ears are acceptable. 
    • Clothing worn under the uniform is not to be visible. 
    • Shoes and gloves should be clean and white. 
    • Black shoes should be worn with black socks. No exceptions. Socks should be at least mid-calf in height. 
    • No hats are to be worn with the uniform other than the official hat and plume. 
    • Show shirts or band shirts are considered casual uniforms when worn as a group. 
    • Plumes are stored separately and are put away after each performance. They should not be left in your hat box.
    • Uniforms should be hung properly on a wooden or plastic hanger when not being worn.
    • Hanger should have the student’s name and various uniform numbers written in plain view.