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    Family Engagement Plan for Shared Student Success

    Cookeville High School

    Mr. Max Petett - Principal

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    School Plan for Shared Student Achievement

    What is it?

    This is a plan that describes how Cookeville High School (CHS) will provide opportunities to improve family engagement to support student learning. Cookeville High School values the contributions and involvement of families to establish an equal partnership for the common goal of improving student achievement. Our plan describes the different ways that Cookeville High School will support family engagement and how families can help plan and participate in activities and events to promote student learning at school and at home.

    Who is this for?

    Students and families are encouraged and invited to fully participate in the opportunities described in our plan. Cookeville High School will provide full assistance for the participation of parents and family members with limited English, with disabilities, and with any other needs.

    Where is it available?

    This can always be accessed on the CHS Family Engagement Website (sites.google.com/pcsstn.com/chsfamilyengagement). Our plan is also posted on the school website and social media. Families can also retrieve a hard copy of the plan in the CHS library.

    How is it revised?

    Cookeville High School invites parents, teachers, students, and community members to family engagement meetings throughout the year to review and revise this parent and family engagement policy, our school-parent compact, and the family engagement budget. Additionally, family input and comments regarding this plan are welcome during the school year through the family-friendly survey which is distributed online and through paper copies. The plan is posted on our school website for families to review during the year and will be used to revise the plan for the next school year.