• Cavalier Colors

    Scarlet red is the primary signature color of Cookeville High School and the Cookeville Cavaliers and should be used in all materials.  Navy blue and white are secondary and accent colors that are also related to the brand identity of Cookeville High School and the Cookeville Cavaliers.  To ensure consistency and protect our brand identity, be sure to use proper color codes.


    Our colors stand for C. H. S.,

    And these they'll always be,

    The Scarlet and Blue, will always do,

    To serve humanity.


    We do love thee, dear Cookeville.

    Here's our hearts and hands to you,

    And to your gleaming colors

    We promise to be true.

    We do love thee, dear Cookeville,

    And our hats are off to you, 

    We love each hue and shade so bright,

    Of old Cookeville's Scarlet and Blue.


    The Scarlet's for the loyalty,

    Which shows ideals high.

    The other, Blue, which means be true,

    To dear old Cookeville High.

    1935 Class Song

    Opal Smith