• Washington Academy

    Home to Cookeville High School from 1894 to 1899

    When Putnam County was reestablished in 1854, the county provided for an academic academy to be constructed.  Land for the academy was purchased in 1858 and 1860, but construction was delayed by the Civil War.  After the conclusion of the war, an academy was set to be built by contractor David Dow called Washington Academy on Broad Street.  It was a brick, two-story building with two large classrooms on the first floor.  The fraternal organizations of the Freemasons and Oddfellows contributed to the construction and were given the second floor for their meeting room.  Washington Academy was a four-year subscription high school where parents paid tuition.  The school provided both elementary and secondary grades.  

    In 1894, the Tennessee General Assembly transferred the Washington Academy property to a new school and incorporated it as Cookeville High School.  Primary, intermediate, and advanced courses were offered.  In 1894, Cookeville High School had 175 students. 

    Washington Academy

    Photograph courtesy of the Cookeville History Museum