• Professional Development Is For Everyone. 

    PCSS is committed to modeling and supporting continuous improvement through an ongoing Professional Learning, Mentoring program, a New Teacher Induction Program, the TEAM evaluation process, and Leadership Development Program. Not only for PCSS schools and educators, but for our district-wide staff in order to maintain and offer high-quality educational development and support.

    Educator Support. 

    Educator Support assists and supports educators in areas of professional growth.

    Judy Schinbeckler leads and supports the district, schools, and educators in the continuous improvement to strengthen classroom instruction through the evaluation process and mentoring program.  Educators that need assistance with the area of licensure through renewal, add-on endorsements, changes to licensure, and/or application for TN licensure may receive support through Educator Development and Support.

    Each year, professional development (PD) opportunities are made available. Blitz Week is our PCSS Professional Development week where educators can earn a large portion of their required PD hours. 

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