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    PowerSchool Parent Portal Account 

    First time creating an account?

    The first time, you must create an account using the school’s assigned Access ID and Password from a letter sent home at the beginning of school. Your school can also help you with this information.

    Things you will need to create your account:
    • District Code BQHG is the 4-digit code for Putnam County School System
    • The secure access ID Access - this ID comes in a letter from their school within the first nine weeks, or parents/caregivers can contact the school.

    Get started by clicking the log-in page. *Tutorial videos are also available on the log-in page.

    How to create a Parent Account Video

    I have an account. What is next?
    Once you have created a login, use your User ID and Password when you log in each time.

    Setting Up Automatic Reminders:
    1. Once you log in, choose Email Notifications on the left.

    2. Click each box with the information you would like to receive, how often and to what email address.
    3. Click submit.

    PowerSchool Mobile App
    1. Install App (Apple or Android)
    2. Enter District Code BQHG is the 4-digit code for Putnam County School System
    3. Login using the Student or Parent username and password.

    Please note that your child's student ID (state ID) can be found in the top left corner of the screen.

    Having issues logging in? It may be that your email is already tied to a PowerSchool account. Please contact your school to have your password reset and they will contact the PCSS's PowerSchool team. 

    Mobile App: If parents/caregivers are having issues with the mobile app (seeing last year's info, etc.), they need to delete the app and reinstall it. The old app is being directed to the old URL, so a reinstallation will fix the problem.