• Supporting All Students. 

    RTI stands for Response to Intervention. The word response is an action, and it does not define students. When you hear or see the word intervention, it may seem a little unsettling. The PCSS RTI team does not want families or students to panic when they see that their child needs intervention. Intervention is the way we support all students academically to help them meet academic goals. RTI/WIN groups are the prescription to increase academic health and prepare them to be Future Ready. 

    RTI integrates high-quality teaching and assessment methods in a systematic way so that students who are not successful when presented with one set of instructional methods can be given the chance to succeed with the use of other practices.

RTI Tiers

  • Tier 1

  • Tier 2

  • Tier 3

  • WIN Groups (each school has a different name)


  • Who leads RTI time for my child?

  • How are students identified?

  • Why do we need RTI for ALL students?

  • What is the difference between RTI- A and RTI-B?

  • My school has Power Class or CAV time, what is that?