PCSS Career and Technical Education Celebrated

PCSS Career and Technical Education Celebrated 

At First Career and Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Council Banquet


PUTNAM COUNTY, TENN. – The first Career and Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Council Banquet was held on Monday evening as educators, and industry partners collaborated and recognized CTE students and their families in the Putnam County School System. 


“We have much to celebrate in the PCSS’s CTE programs, which is what this banquet was held. We are incredibly proud of our CTE students, and the ones recognized have stood out among the rest of their peers and excelled. Our CTE instructors are phenomenal in bringing to light career opportunities, igniting passions for career fields and encouraging students. The industry and business partners in Putnam County are what make communities thrive, and they have graciously opened their doors, welcoming our students in to learn,” said Dr. Leslie Eldridge, CTE Supervisor for Putnam County. “Together, we continue to equip students and prepare them to be future-ready and future leaders.” 


Guest speakers at the event were State Senator Paul Bailey and Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Amy New. 


Putnam County School System students were recognized at the banquet for excellent performance in their CTE programs of study. These students were chosen by their CTE instructors at Cookeville High School, Monterey High School, Upperman High School, and White Plains Academy. 


Cookeville High School students recognized: 

Ashlee Parker, Nursing; Austin Thompson; Hospitality (Culinary Arts); Breanna Larson, STEM; Cayden Webb, Robotics; Eli Langford, Marketing; Emma Russell, Teaching as a Profession; Gabriella Vazquez, Veterinary & Animal Science; Grant Mainord, Automotive and Transportation; Jacob Sparks, Construction (Carpentry); Jake Plumlee, Horticulture; Kylee Morrison, Cosmetology; Landon Byrge, Information Technology and Coding; Lila Gordon, Digital Arts; Mattie Allen, Early Childhood Education; Mika Casal, Nursing; Nathaniel Harrison, Business Management; Samuel Montgomery, Welding; Sarah Beth Briggs, Nursing; and Stephen Dick, Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics.


Monterey High School students recognized:

Citlalli Mendoza, Nursing; Hannah Maddle, Agriculture;  Jordan McCloud, Construction; Mariah Bilbrey, Human Services; Shyanne Hite, Work-Based Learning; Zachary Wilt, Information Technology and Coding.


Upperman High School students recognized: 

Eli Randolph, Agriculture; Emily Thomas, Health Science; Josh Boone, Transportation & Logistics; Kaiden Phillips, Structural Systems (construction); Nicholas Herrick, Audio Visual Broadcasting; Ryleigh Byers, Human Services (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America); and Torie Brooks, Nursing. 


White Plain Academy

Anthony Barboza Martinez, STEM.