• Our meal payments platform, Titan Family Portal, has been upgraded to LINQ Connect. Be sure to download the new LINQ Connect app in the Google Play Store available now and the Apple Store that will be available soon, or visit LINQConnect.com if you use a browser. No need to change your username or password. All your information will be transferred to the new site for your convenience. This is an exciting upgrade for you and your students. You’ll get to enjoy all the new features and a fresh look that LINQ Connect has to offer. An Interactive Dashboard allows you to view all your students in one profile. Plus, we improved accessibility and made your log-in experience easier. If you don’t use our online meal payments portal, LINQ Connect allows you to set up onetime or recurring payments for your students’ meals. You can also view previous transactions, set spending limits, transfer funds between students, set low-balance notifications, and more. It’s an easy way to manage meal payments without the hassle of sending cash.

    A reminder to families that seven PCSS schools will continue to receive free meals for students for the 2023-24 school year. Those are:

    • Baxter Primary School
    • Burks Elementary School
    • Cane Creek Elementary School
    • Cornerstone Elementary School
    • Jere Whitson Elementary School
    • Park View Elementary School
    • Sycamore Elementary School

    For students at the remaining schools not listed, filling out the Meal Benefits application (Free and Reduced form) could help cover the cost of lunch for families who are eligible. Breakfast continues to be free for all students in the Putnam County School System. Parents will need their child's student ID number to complete the form. Please contact your child's school to obtain that student ID number.