• The Putnam County School Nutrition Team strives to provide meals for students with special dietary needs. We will make menu modifications and substitutions when appropriate and economically feasible. To assist parents and medical professionals, our menu nutrient information can be made available.

    Menu substitutions must be made for children with a classified physical or mental disability when supported by a signed Physician's Medical Statement. Menu substitutions may also be made for children with special dietary conditions unrelated to a disability (i.e. some food allergies, diabetes) when supported by a Medical Statement signed by a recognized medical authority (physician, nurse practitioner, or registered dietitian).

    The School Nutrition Team is unable to accommodate non-medically prescribed special diets. For your convenience, menus are available online so that you and your student may consider the meal options, and determine if your student prefers a meal from home on a given day.

    According to USDA regulation, schools may offer a milk substitute for students with allergies if the substitute meets stringent nutritional requirements. New for the school year 2017-18, Putnam County Schools will be offering only USDA compliant milk substitutes, which include Lactose Free Milk, and 8th Continent Original Soy Milk. Otherwise, under offer-vs-serve, students can decline milk. Juice cannot be substituted for the milk, but juice and water is available at all meals, giving students another beverage option.

    A Diet Prescription Form is available at each School Nurse's Office.  A copy of that form is linked below.