• To help parents with the busy day-to-day tasks needed with school-aged children, Putnam County BOE offers parents a grace period when lunch money is forgotten. This grace period allows students to charge meals to their school lunch account until they bring money from home or replenish the funds online. Parents are still responsible for repaying the charges accrued during the grace period.

    The maximum charge limit for each student is -$10.00. Once this charge limit is reached, students are offered an alternate reimbursable lunch which typically consists of a sandwich, a milk choice and two fruit and two vegetable side choices until the charges are repaid. A la carte items and second entrees cannot be charged. While April 30th is the last day each school year for allowed charging, students will still be offered an alternate meal if lunch money is forgotten. No student will be denied a full reimbursable meal.

    When students are nearing their maximum charge limits, we try to notify parents prior to having to provide an alternate lunch. It is important to make sure your contact information stays current with the school district, so we are able to communicate more efficiently regarding your child's lunch account.

    We recommend parents utilize our online meal payment system offered through the TITAN Family Portal. This allows parents to have funds automatically transferred into their child's school meal account once they reach an established low balance. This ensures that your child always has money for school lunch or breakfast.

    For families that would like to apply for financial assistance, the Meal Benefits Application (free and reduced-price applications) can be picked up at your child's school, filled out here or by contacting the School Nutrition team at (931) 528-1847.

    You may review the complete Putnam County Board approved charge policy here.