• File name only allows the use of 'a-z', 'A-Z','0-9',' ','_','-' 

    Your filename must contain letters, numbers, spaces, underscores and dashes ONLY.

    Faculty_and_Staff.png works.

    Faculty_+_Staff.png will not upload because of the plus sign.

    Faculty_&_Staff.png will not upload because of the ampersand.

    News Image: Height 110 px, Width 170 px.

    Uploading imagery/graphics to a folder will make them available for application in the Template Configuration Window.

    Image Dimensions
    • Logo (Only) Dimensions: Max width of 500PX x Max height of 161PX
    • Logo (+ Site Name/Tagline) Dimensions: Max width of 150PX x Max height 161PX 
    • Overlay Logo Dimensions: Flexible width and height (Recommended: 125PX width x 125PX height)
    • Global Icon Dimensions: 25PX width x 25PX height
    • Custom Link Spotlight Icon Dimensions: 40PX width x 40PX height
    • Spotlight Icon/Link Background Image Dimensions: 850PX width x 566PX height
    • Region B | Multimedia Gallery Photo Dimensions: 1500PX width x 885PX height
    Region D | Headline Accent Image Dimensions: Flexible width and height (Recommended: 195PX width x 152PX height)
    • Region E | Spotlight Headline Accent Image Dimensions: 352PX width x 255PX height 
    • Footer Logo Dimensions: Max width of 125px x Max height of 161px
    • Page Background Image Dimensions: 1680PX width x 960PX height
    • Subpage Banner Images: 1500PX width x 300PX height

    Important Image Naming and File Size Recommendations

    • We recommend that you avoid using spaces or special characters in the file name for the images as this can cause them not to display. Hyphens or underscores are acceptable and can be used as substitutes when naming images.
    • All files should be kept under 1 MB in size. If you need assistance compressing your files, we recommend Tiny PNG
    • Blackboard's Creative Services Image Editor makes cropping and sizing photos easy.



  • Streaming Video Best Practices & Recommendations

      • Videos need to be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or MyVRSpot
      • A 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended
        • 720p has dimensions of 1280 x 720 (16:9)
        • 1080p (recommended) has dimensions of 1920 x 1080 (16:9)
      • There is no limit or minimum for video length
      • If text is included in the video, keep it centrally located and avoid placing it close to the edge of the video
        • On some monitors a small portion of the video may be cropped at the top or bottom due to the responsive nature of the site
        • On some templates, content may overlay the video. Keep your template layout in mind if including text as part of your video
      • Android and iOS devices restrict video autoplay and require the user to tap the video to play (see setup for mobile options)
      • If your video includes sound, turning on the audio control button is recommended
        • The user can still control volume via their computer, but the video audio control button turns sound on/off for the video only, rather than all computer sound
      • If your video includes closed captioning, turning on the watch video button is required for accessibility
        • Closed captioning does not display in the streaming window, so the watch video button will open a new window that includes closed captioning