• The Book Club

    For The Week Of April 1, 2023


    First Lensman book cover by E.E. "Doc" Smith

    E. E. "Doc" Smith's First Lensman.

    The gift of the Secret Planet - Second in the Great Lensman series.

    Originally published by Pyramid Books.

    Note that if you'd rather read on Kindle or another e-reader, epubs of this work are available here!

  • Where: The School Library.

    When: Wednesday, right after school.

    How long: We typically meet for one hour.

    It is important that each participant read the book so that the student is ready to talk about the book. We'll talk about the parts we like, and might even critique things we did not. We'll discuss the author, the genre, the plot, the rising action, and the story's resolution. We may even get into the history of the book and it's significance in literature. The goal of this club is to inspire a love for reading.

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