• Relative Links are Important because Schoolwires IS a part of this website.

    Huh? What do you mean?

    Is your school in Algood/Baxter/Cookeville/Monterey or Putnam County?

    Now, you probably think that's a dumb question, because your school is part of a city and a county. It resides in both at the same time.

    Your website is in two places at once, too.

    Currently, as of Tuesday, May 21, 2024 and 9:15:32 PM https://www.pcsstn.com/ goes that web domain and https://tn50011014.schoolwires.net/. Oh, and YOUR SCHOOL will also point to schoolwires.net too. SchoolWires because Blackboard bought them. But go ahead and call it FinalSite because Finalsite bought Blackboard... anyway...

    The fact that SchoolWires isn't your web domain can be confusing to your visitors.

    When you are looking at your pages in a section, there is an action button. And one of the options is Get Link.

    If you click Get Link, it presents you with two options, a Full Web Address or a Relative Web Address.

    If you use the shorter link, then when your web domain (www.aesbraves.com, or www.pcsstn.com, etc.) is pointed to this site, the link will use your domain. Look at those choices:



    If you use the relative link of /Page/3311 when the domain is redirected, then the link will go to http://www.pcsstn.com/Page/3311/ otherwise people will see https://tn50011014.schoolwires.net/Page/3311. But you have pages on your site that will both point to your webdomain as well as schoolwires.net. This will confuse people who will pester your school secretary.

    There are three people in your life that you should not pester: a secretary, a custodian, and the operator of a vehicle in which you are a passenger. If you have not learned this lesson, may I record a video of you as you learn this lesson? It could help grow my YouTube Channel.

    Use The Relative Link Please