• Technically, it is a print center, but as everyone colloquially calls them a copier, I have called it a copier.



    (Mark West speaking)
    I'm on macOS Mojave, the latest version, as I record this, and I need to set up a Canon copier to my computer now I've got the IP address and a fake code and to set up the printer.

    I can either go to the Apple icon and choose System Preferences or I can search the dock find it and launch it I need to go over to printers and scanners because that's where I'll set up my printer now in this left-hand side look for that little plus button we're going to click that and the way we're gonna set up our printer is by IP.

     So I'm gonna click on this IP button and the address field is going to be that address that you've been given by your person at your school who handles printers you type that number in not this one unless this is your printer and then make sure the protocol is line printer daemon not internet printing protocol.

     The name you may want to make something more friendly like office copy or guidance copy or whatever works for you. We cannot use a generic PostScript printer; I have to know the model. And I don't have it, so here's the workaround: I'm gonna click on Safari (Firefox and Google Chrome work just as well) and type in that same IP address and look! It tells me the model of the copier!

    Now your copier may or may not be a 4245. I'm gonna go over here, and underneath, use select software and then in this filter field type in that number press Enter or return, choose the software I need, and click OK.

    Now I just need to click the Add button and look, it not only setup the copier, it looks like the copier!

    Now if I did not have a code, I could red dot out of here and be done.

    But I'm gonna continue as if I have a code (the department ID that is). Click on Options and Supplies, and we're gonna go over to the Utility tab. And this is where we're gonna open the printer utility to enter in that code.

    We're gonna click the box next to Use Department ID management, and we're gonna find our code and type that where it says Department ID.

    Now this field needs to have just numbers, mine doesn't, and I need to verify it.

    Here's the workaround since it's grayed out: Click on Printer Information and that will make this utility talk to the printer. We don't need this junk; we're gonna click OK.

    But look! Right now I've got a verify button!

    Now when I click verify, it's gonna pop up and tell me that it didn't verify -- and that's what it looks like.

    If it were right it would say "the entered authentication information is correct".

    You can okay out of it and click Save Settings when you've got it all right.

    And now your printers setup, so you can red dot out there, click OK here, and you've got a printer set up and ready to go.