• Teacher Machines

    According to the technology guide, Test Administrators (TA) need a computer running

    • Chrome 125 or higher
    • Firefox 125 or higher
    • Edge 125 or higher
    • Safari 16 or higher
      For the best experience, TIDE and Reporting should be accessed on desktops or laptops running Windows, macOS, or Linux.

    Your teacher leased laptops have macOS, with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari installed.

    Student Machines

    Student machines' requirements are listed here: https://tn.portal.cambiumast.com/tech-guide.html#Supported_Operating_Systems_and_Devices. At the bottom of that page includes hardware allowed. If you use external mice or keyboards with your Chromebooks, some are NOT allowed!

    Please note, student Chromebook devices without a USB charger have experienced AUP and cannot run the minimum required version of ChromeOS for this test. If it doesn't have a USB-C charger, it cannot be fixed/repaired to work with this test

    A USB-C type charger looks like this:

    USB-C Charge cable.