• Symptoms: a website works for an adult user, but not a student. It could be that Google has restricted apps for children.

    You may get a popup that has the title with the Google G logo and the words "Sign in with Google" it will then say, "Access blocked: Your institution's admin needs to review [whatever].com and then list the student's email address ([whatever]@student.pcsstn.net). You can't access this app until an admin at your institution reviews and configures access for it. If you need access to this app, Request Access. If you are a developer of [whatever].com, see error details. Error 400: access_not_configured"

    Access blocked: Your institution's admin needs to review

    1. Click "error details" link.

    2. Copy the text that appears

    3. Send an email. Paste the text from the error details (get all of it) and email it to me.


    If you can copy and paste the full text string that appears when clicking the "error details" link and send all of that, I can parse it and find the App ID.  Review it and then configure it.
    Here are more details, should want to read more on this:


    Confirm your third-party app settings by October 23, 2023